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LumiSpa® iO Blue & Collagen+ Pack

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LumiSpa® iO Blue & Collagen+ Pack

LumiSpa® iO Blue & Collagen+ Pack

Hello, iO. ageLOC® LumiSpa® iO inputs smart skin care and outputs the skin of your dreams. How? Input innovative skin renewal and deep cleansing with intelligent coaching, personalised regimens, IoT technology—and more—through the Nu Skin Vera™ app. Output gorgeous, glowing, selfieready skin—all day, every day. In just two minutes, twice a day, you’ll experience your best skin ever. You’ll love your glow-boosting, instantly smoothed look—after just one use—the seven clinically proven skin benefits that amplify over time, and smart technology that helps you personalise your routine. It’ s super intuitive. Super effective. Super-powered.


ageLOC® LumiSpa® iO
Use ageLOC® LumiSpa® iO morning and night as your cleansing step. Moisten your face and then dispense an ample amount of cleanser onto your hand. Apply evenly to your face and then treat and cleanse with your LumiSpa® iO device for two minutes. Follow with your preferred toner, serum, and moisturiser. For more information, check the Quick Start Guide and the User Manual.

Beauty Focus™ Collagen+

Mix one rounded scoop of Collagen+ with 250 mL of water and enjoy once daily.  Store below 25°C.